Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trash to Treasure: Man Edition

Trash to Treasure: Man Edition...

While driving home from a birthday bash on Saturday, I spotted this on the side of the road...
Not the little boy, the GO-KART!!!! Well, I went on home and told husband all about it. He couldn't believe that someone would throw this out. But, he went back with the "man truck." Not 10 minutes later...he came home with one fabulous GO-KART. It wouldn't start, thus the trashing of it. However, after husband took some part or another off and "flushed" it out, it started right up. Go figure! Husband has wanted one of these since time began. Really. We are all enjoying the new trash to treasure man toy. As you can see here:

Did you see all of those smiles? You just never know what kind of treasure you will find on the side of the road. When we lived in Germany it was called "junking." When we lived on post it was called "dumpster diving." Now that we live "on the economy," (we rent a house off post) it's just called digging in the trash. Whatever you call it, one man's trash is another family's treasure.
Have a great evening ladies.



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