Friday, April 24, 2009

2 Remnants + 6 Chairs = 1 Happy Lady

Hello there all. Welcome to the mansion this fine Friday.

You know how you sometimes have great plans for something...and then the plans go somewhat astray? Well, this has happened on this post. I planned to show you some how-to pics and I inadvertently erased the pics. Dread... So, we will make do. Improvise!

Anyhow...I wanted to recover my 6 dining room chair seats. The animal print I had going on just didn't go with my new and improved neutral "look." So, off I went to the Fabric Barn. I love upholstery fabric, but it is so darn expensive. I headed straight for the remnant table. There, you can get 2-3 yard pieces for around 6 bucks a yard. Not bad considering that they usually cost between 14.00 and 30.00 per yard.

I looked and looked for the perfect piece for my chair seats. I found two remnants that I loved, but neither of them was enough to do all six chairs. Much mental deliberation....A-haaaaaaaaaaaaa. I will cover the two arm chairs with one fabric and the four other chairs with a different fabric. Fabulous. WARNING: Do not be alarmed. Not every chair in your dining room has to match all the other chairs. So, I left Fabric Barn with two remnants for 18.00.Now, let me show you how it turned out, and then I will tell you how to do it too...
This is the fabric for the four side chairs. Very nice....It is kinda goldish and kinda taupeish all at the same time. I like. Here is one of the arm chairs...

This fabric here is a strip with black, grey, cream, and the same taupeish-goldish color of the other chairs. I like.

I had some fabric leftover, so I decided to make a little something for the it is

I had an extra frame, so I embroidered our monogram on the extra fabric, and voila...wall stuff.

OK... here is how to recover the dining chair seat:

1. Remove the seat. This is usually done by unscrewing four screws on the underside of the seat. When this is done, the seat will just come right off.

2. Lay the seat on top of your new fabric. Draw around the seat with a pencil adding about three inches everywhere. You will need extra to pull under the seat and staple.

3. Cut the piece out that you just drew. Put your chair seat on the fabric piece and start pulling the excess fabric toward the center of the seat and staple the fabric to the seat.

4. Put the seat back on the chair with the same four screws. Got it?

Here is a pick I found of what I have just explained...kinda...

There ya have it ladies. 6 chairs recovered and one piece of art for a mere 18.00 dollars. The chairs are going to look great in the new "mansion." Can't wait to show you when I get there. Have a great weekend.



  1. You lucky girl - you have a sewing machine that will do embroidery. I'm so jealous!!! :-)

    Love the new seats, and I did the exact same thing for the exact same reason. My four side chairs are done in a solid rust/terra cotta color, and the two arm chairs are a tapestry with a cream background and rust flowers.

    Great minds think alike!


  2. Thanks Lisa. I got the machine when my husband deployed a couple of years ago. Happy deployment to me. ha.

    I do love the two different fabrics in the room. Laura

  3. I especially LOVE the monogram picture! I'm gonna steal that too. I love your ideas... but I'm left wondering... HOW do you have the time for this?

  4. Hey Lori, How goes it? Well...I neglect the children of course...ha. Two of mine are in school all day and one is content to play with cars and whatnot. And...I don't sleep too awful much. One of these days I will need to catch up on that...;) Laura

    PS: Have you done anything else to your new playroom?

  5. Rats! I *just* passed up two cheese plates this past weekend at the thrift and garage sales! I knew I should have got them, but I wasn't sure what to do with them! I love the pedestal idea. I will surely use that one day!

  6. I love the framed monogram is beautiful! Great job!


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