Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Shrinking Bathroom

Hello ladies. Welcome to the mansion this fine Sunday evening. Hope this finds you all well. I wanted to take a moment and share a little bathroom metamorphosis. If you would like to see scads of Metamorphosis Monday posts hop on over to Between Naps On The Porch.

As I mentioned above, my hall bathroom in the new mansion has experienced a metamorphosis. When we moved in a couple of months ago, this is what the bath looked like...

The walls were white and the trim was dark brown. The furniture was dark brown and there was one small light fixture on the wall above the sink. All the dark trim made the 10 foot tall bathroom look really stark and sterile. The one small window made the tall room look even taller. Our mission was to shrink the bathroom and make it less "chilly."

First of all, we painted the walls and the trim. Then we knocked down the glass shower doors.

I painted the furniture black and added a monogrammed shower curtain (thank you lillian vernon, love her!). These things softened the room, but they didn't do anything to shrink that ceiling ...So...we decided to add a large light fixture from the middle of the ceiling. The light is actually an outdoor light, but the space was large enough to accommodate the fixture. The light addition helped with the height of the room, but the tiny window on the big wall still presented a problem for height and blandness. we go to build a cornice board. We used some cheap plywood to put the board together. The height of the board ended up being 15 inches. We put the board at the top of the window and extended the ends of the board 15 inches to either side of the window. We added curtains that fill the extra 15 inches on either side of the window. The whole thing is set upon two "L" brackets.

Look at that! Instead of three empty feet above the window, now we have only about one. And the window looks much larger. Yippee. We threw in some DIY art, a cute stool, and a bamboo shelf.

And finally, we have a finished bathroom that appears to be shorter and less sterile.
That about does it for the shrinking bathroom. Yall have a great week.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Laundry Anyone?

Hello ladies. Welcome to the mansion. It is Monday and time for Metamorphasis...check out Metamorphasis Monday at Between Naps On The Porch.

Today I would like to share my laundry room makeover with you all. Here is a pic of the before laundry room when we moved into the new mansion... is Aunt Kathleen painting like a crazy woman.... We painted the room all the way up to the top...10 feet. The color is called Teague Dune. We decided to paint the trim bright white.

Here is the finished laundry room...
I found some great "dune" colored fabric and made a little curtain and a counter skirt. The skirt is box pleated and attached with velcro. I made several hidden openings in the skirt so that I can get to my goodies underneath. I found a bunch of baskets really cheap at Wally World. They are hiding candles, light bulbs, pet supplies, lunch kits, and much more junk. I made some tags out of scrap paper and ribbon to affix to the baskets.

I found a cute mirror laundry sign at the thrift shop for .50. Yippee. And there you have it....the laundry is done. I would like to find a great light to hang from the ceiling....maybe the next trip to the thrift store will make that happen.
Thanks for stopping by the mansion. Have a great week.

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