Saturday, October 31, 2009

Three Blind Mice

Hi everyone. Welcome to the mansion.
Well...another Halloween is under our belts. Every year is a challenge to come up with costumes for the kiddos. I am one of those folks who loves a theme. So...I try really hard to get all three little peeps excited about a group dress up. This proves to be a bit tricky with ages ranging from 13 to 3. Anyhoo! This year we went with....THREE BLIND MICE! Have a looksee...

There they are...the faces a mom dearly loves.
We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween full of tricks and treats. Tomorrow starts the quest for next year's great group costume idea. Any thoughts? Do tell!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Sour" Acorns

Hello ladies. Welcome to the mansion. While looking at the pottery barn site the other day, I came across this pic.
Love it. Those are not real acorns, they are "vase filler" acorns. They reminded me of some really cute acorns I saw at a fabulous gift shop in Natchitoches, LA. Someone had made large acorns out of plastic lemons and pinecones. I decided to give it a try.... Got me some dollar store lemons. You might be able to get them even cheaper at Hobby Lobby with 50% off.... I grabbed two shades of brown paint and a paintbrush. I painted about 2/3 of the lemon witht he brown paints and let them dry. Next, I gathered up some pinecones and plucked the little pieces off of them. Then, I hot glued the pieces on the remaining yellow portion of the lemon. And walaaaaa.... Big..."Sour" them.
It's not Pottery Barn "vase filler",'s not 14.00 plus tax and shipping either....ha. Grab some little lemons and make yourself some big "sour" acorns.
For other thrifty Thursday treasures skip on over to Tales from Bloggeritaville.
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Monday, October 26, 2009


It is challenge day at I heart faces. This week is "Halloween Dress Up." Fun Fun Fun. My submission is a pic of thing 3. The title: Chinese Bumble Bee. Buzzzzz.....

Yall have a great week.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello all. Welcome to the mansion. This week's photo challenge on I heart faces is "Excited." 'Round' these parts, nothing is more exciting than sparklers in your pajamas.
I just love the I heart faces weekly challenge. It is getting me all Excited about taking photos.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seeing Blue in Natchitoches

Hello ladies. Welcome to the mansion this "blue Monday." Smiling Sally is sharing all of the best blue Monday posts. Stop on by and visit her today.
This past weekend, several ladies and I went "cajun." We ventured to Natchitoches, LA for the fall tour of homes. We saw seven of the most beautiful houses in town. We ate Natchitoches' famous meat pies, we did the B&B, and we gobbled up some yummy bread pudding. Does it get any better than that???? Not!
I want to share some "blue" views from my tour of homes adventure with you all today. Enjoy!

Blue napkins, blue cups, and blue willow
Blue flow and a blue basket

Blue flowers...

Blue pitchers, a blue ribbon, and a blue horse

Blue skies, a blue lamp, and a pretty blue bedroom.
After seeing all of the gorgeous sites in Natchitoches, I was "blue" green with envy.... sigh...
Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goodwill Hunting: Christmas Balls

Hello gals. Welcome to the mansion.

I am one of those crazy people that likes to change my Christmas "theme" every year or so. I love the challenge of thinking up what my tree will look like each new Christmas season. However, my pocket book does not like my thinking this way. So...the race is constantly on to find frugal ornaments and decorations to use.

Not long ago, I decided to try my hand at tassel making. For some reason, my tassels did not turn out quite like I had envisioned them in my head... I am NOT the Nester, that is for sure! Anyways...this ill fated attempt left me with some extra craft fringe, ribbon, beaded things, etc. And...when I was in the Goodwill store a few Thursdays ago (20% off for Military at the DeRidder Goodwill on Thursdays) I found 24 white Christmas balls for 1.60. I grabbed up those balls and headed for home.

Long story short...extra craft materials + cheap Christmas balls + hot glue = cheap tassel ball Christmas ornaments for our 2009 tree. See???

I can't wait to place them on the tree. Have a great day....Laura

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