Sunday, April 5, 2009

Polish Pottery "Re"Purposed

Hello Ladies. Welcome to the mansion. I have been wanting a polish pottery cake plate for some time. I have a lot of pottery, but it is mainly flat. Not a lot of height going on in my cupboard. So I found the one above online.....for 91.00. Yep...91.00. I don't know about you, but I don't have 91.00 to spend on a cake plate. So......I found a way to make one for almost nothing. This is called repurposing....ha. Here is what I used:

I pulled out a polish pottery plate, a candle stick holder, and some epoxy glue. You will also need a paper plate and a plastic spoon.

First, mix up some of the epoxy on the paper plate. Then, flip the plate over to the back and spoon the epoxy onto the plate where you will affix the candle stick holder. Next, place the candle stick holder. You have to then let the piece dry over night. This stuff sticks real well, but don't put the piece into the dishwasher. (Just in case.)

Then, you have a polish pottery cake plate for almost nada. I already had the dishes, so the cost was only the epoxy glue. You can pick up the dishes at TJ Maxx or Marshall's for around 20.00. Much better than 91.00.Here is the finished product. And below is another one that I made for a friend with a polish pottery plate and a sundae cup.
Some folks on are selling some other repurposed cake plates and stands. They are really pretty and can inspire ideas.

These pink pretties are found at

This gorgeous green goody can be found at

There ya go ladies. out some dishes and some epoxy and start gluing. Have a great week. Much love, Laura


  1. Okay.. I gotta say... your cake plate is WAY prettier than the $91.00 one. Seriously! Good job! You are Fab! :o)

  2. You are amazing Laura. I love getting on here and looking at all of your amazingly crafty and BEAUTIFUL ideas. Wish I were a little more talented but hey, I can always copy my friend Laura's ideas right?

  3. Awesome...and I agree that yours is prettier than the $91 cake plate!

  4. Love this idea!!!!!! Now I have to find some great plates to do this with.


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