Monday, March 9, 2009

The St. Pat's Day "Gatherer"

I recently saw an article comparing men (hunters) and women (gatherers). We evidently go about things much differently. Duhhhh..... Let's say my husband and I are each given a mission....BUY PAPER TOWELS.

Husband: Roger that....Go Go Go....Must get paper towels.... The "hunter" husband drives to the nearest, and most expensive, grocery store. The hunter enters the store, zeros in on the paper towel aisle and heads straight there. The hunter turns onto the aisle....TARGET SPOTTED. Paper towels in his sights, he grabs the first roll within reach. Never you mind that the roll cost 5.75. Never you mind that the roll has embossed brown butterflies and pink mushrooms. Never you mind that the roll is NOT select a size. Never you mind that wife (gatherer) will hate that particular roll of paper towels. He has the paper towels, and he is off to the check out. He zooms home and presents the paper towels to his frowning wife.

Me: Got it. Come on kids let's go. I (gatherer) head to Wal-mart... the mecca of all things cheap. I cram the kids into the buggy and head for the paper towel aisle. I then scour the aisle looking for the least expensive roll. Target spotted. The Wal-mart brand ...white, select a size, 1.98. Fabulous. I head for the check out and spot a clearance end cap....the heavens have opened up and rained down blessings on me at this moment. White pillar candles are on clearance 3 for a dollar. I "gather" three, very pleased with myself, and head on out. I head home with the perfect paper towels and three perfect candles for a mere 2.98.

I don't know about all women, but I am truly a "gatherer." Over the years, I have learned that there are some things that MUST be gathered. If these items are gathered successfully, one can decorate for just about any holiday or themed get together. These "must gather" items are as follows...

The previously mentioned white pillar candles

black picture frames (print something out and put it in the frame)

colorful half marbles

plates in all shapes and colors

mardi gras beads in all colors

pretty ribbons (to tie around the white pillar candles)

short vases

plate hangers and stands

As St. Patrick's Day is soon approaching, let's see how these things work for the house "camo."

Here are some print out pic examples for the frame...

So..there ya go. I am a gatherer. You are most likely a gatherer too. Gather wisely, and decorating for any holiday on the fly is no problemo.


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  1. love the blog Laura...I've passed it on to some new wives that are desperate for your help. Thanks for sharing your insights!


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