Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ms. Frugal Got Herself Some Coupons

Hello ladies. Welcome to the mansion this evening. With economic stress and strife sucking the life out of us these days, there is less and less "fun" money to keep the mansion in tip top decorated shape. Don't you agree? The Teagues have had to take a few steps to help alleviate financial woes. Let's take a look see...shall we?

#1: Fired the Butler....As if......Ha.

#2. Restricted "paper" usage. Not a square to spare....Ha again.

#3. Hired Tinkerbell out as a doggie double. Ha....yet again.

So...what did we do? Well here ya go.....

#1. The Teagues go out to eat 4-5 times per month. Every Friday. We each take turns selecting a restaurant. We don't eat fast food during the week. We don't grab lunch. This time last year we were eating out 3-4 times per week. Huge savings....and better for the waist line.

#2. We have taken to selling items at the thrift store. This month we have dropped off three loads of stuff. If everything sells, we will receive 160.00. (Hobby Lobby, here I come.) This is a high number because we are prepping to move, but there are always things to go. I have started keeping a walmart bag hanging on the boys' door knob. I throw their clothes in it as they grow out of them and take the bag to the thrift store when it is full.

#3. Ebay. We sell and buy off of ebay. We have purchased everything from diamonds to cars to toys. We have sold pottery, purses, toys, stamping supplies, and much more. There is always someone wanting to buy our "junk."

#4. And, last but not least....I just found What a fabulous thing. You go to the website and scroll through the grocery coupons. You click on the ones that you need for your shopping list. Submit your order. ( you are paying the lady to clip and ship the coupons) And, several days later you get an envelope in the mail with all those coupons. This last week I ordered coupons that will save us 22.00. I paid 3.40 for the service. So, 18.00 saved. That is without any double coupon stuff. I don't know about you, but that is almost two piano lessons for us. If I do this twice a month, that is four piano I love that. HINT: Make your shopping list before you go to the site. That way you don't buy things that aren't on your list.

That about does it for us. If you have any super duper saving deals to share please comment with them. I will make sure that everyone gets in on the savings. Have a great evening. Laura

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