Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lavender Lift

Hello Ladies. Good evening. Welcome to the mansion. On the way to dinner last night, my eyes kept being drawn to the side of the highway. It was beautiful. The wild wisteria was every where. The color was bunches of pretty grapes hanging all over the place. If you live in the South, you may know what I mean right now. If you are up North, maybe you will get it in a couple of months. has this to say about LAVENDER...

Lavender has long been a favorite flower and color of genteel ladies. This shade of purple suggests refinement along with grace, elegance, and something special.

Wow...who knew a color could mean so much. Thought I would share a little lavender inspiration with you all...
Any toile is great, but lavender toile is super great.
So simple yet so pretty.
God and lavender....fabulous
This is a great dresser idea in any color.
The lavender with the black behind is fab.
I feel more "genteel" already.

Last but not least, the lavender wreath. This could greet other "genteel" ladies at the door. Hospitality at it's best.

I hope that something in this lavender post has inspired you to grab a little lavender for yourself or for someone you care about. Have a great evening and a blessed Sunday. Love, Laura


  1. My favorite is the picture of the Welcome sign. Beautiful.

  2. I love lavender! These pictures are great! Have you ever seen a Jacaranda tree in full bloom? It's one of my favorite trees. Love your site...keep up the great work!

  3. Oh how I wish internet pictures had scent :) I love hydrangeas. That is a gorgeous picture of one!

  4. Do you know what paint was used for the lavender with black?


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