Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Forget To Look Up!

Hello Ladies. Welcome to the mansion.

For the past 10 months the Teagues have lived in a rent mansion. Very frustrating for a person who aches to paint every wall a different color. (that would be me) So, off I went to try to add some color without altering the house at all. My solution in two rooms was to "look up." Some fishing line and thumb tacks allow you to hang a plethora of items from the ceiling, giving the room a less flat look.

Here in the playroom, we hung blow up globes with curling ribbon and thumb tacks. This repeated the theme of the room. (you can see the globes in the background) The globes also added color and shape to the area. The globes were purchased for almost nothing at oriental trading.

In Chelsea's room we hung large paper lanterns in colors that matched her curtains and bedspread.

Here are some other hangable ideas from the web....
Pretty paper stars.............. How about draping some fabric???????????????

And here are few other ideas to add to your ceiling..... So fabulous ceiling medallion. Did something like this in El Paso. Adds a rich look to the light and the room. In your own home, you can paint the entire ceiling into the theme of the room. Shawna Walker did this at Polk in much the same manner as above. Here is a ceiling stencil. This is a picture of tin ceiling tiles. This might be a weighty job, but the same type of look can be accomplished with a wallpaper product made to look like tiles. You can even paint them.
So....there ya go. Some ceiling ideas to think over before the next move, or right now. When everything is moved in and all the furniture is in place, Don't Forget to Look Up!

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