Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heat Tool

Howdy Ladies. Welcome to the mansion this fine Saturday. I had several questions regarding the "embossing heat tool" that I used on the candle project yesterday. So...I decided to give a little more info on the tool today. Here is a pic of an embossing heat tool...

This one happens to be from Stamping Up. But, there are many out there. The heat tool is used mainly for heat embossing of cards and whatnot. The tool blows hot air like a hair dryer, but it blows a lot softer than a hair dryer.

I googled and found quite a few on ebay, they are sold at Michael's, they have them at Hobby Lobby, and I even saw them on Wal-Mart online. The cheapest price I saw was on ebay for 10.00. The rest were between 17.00 and 20.00 bucks. But, if you used the Michael's 40% off coupon, you could most likely get one for 12.00 dollars or so.

Probably, someone you know who does card making has an embossing heat tool that you could borrow. That way you would be able to try it before you buy it.

I think that these candle are fabulous and would make great wedding, baby, Christmas and birthday gifts.

Some of you know that I do a monthly giveaway....I think that the embossing heat tool might show up as my giveaway next month......HMMMMMMMM!

Have a great weekend ladies, and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies.


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  1. Laura,
    thanks for the info on the heating tool.
    Do you think anything else would work? Like a wood burner, or stencil cutter? Or i have at tool that is supposed to do like 36 diff. things, but have no clue what! =0) (I bought it to replace my stencil cutter, then found a new tip for it so have not tried the new tool).
    I'll check it out and see.
    Love the candles.

    barbara jean


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