Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beige Wash

Hello everyone. Welcome to the mansion today.

I have mentioned before, several times, that I live in a "cave" house. By "cave" I mean DARK. When we moved in, the walls, floors, and ceilings were all dark wood planks. Husband loved it, I did not. So...I have SLOWLY but surely changed the dark to less dark.

One of the ways I tried to key down the dark was to beige wash a few walls. I put one part paint to three parts water and stirred it up real good. Then, I brushed it on the boards and quickly wiped it off. This gave me a much less dark wooden wall. You can still see the grain, but no brown. See.....
Ahhhh. So much easier on the eyes. The finished product came out like this...

This process of "washing" was super easy and free. I used the paint that I had from painting other parts of the house.

Well....I must not be the only one with the "washing" idea. I pulled my new copy of House Beautiful out of the mailbox, and what do you know? There on the cover was a wonderful room with paint "wash" all over it. See.....

I have been thinking of how you could accomplish this look if you live in quarters. Here are my thoughts...You could nail up one by eights or something like that and wash them. Then, when you move out, just pull down the boards. This would leave some holes to fill, but that is nothing new. You could also put up 4 by 8 paneling and do the wash on it. This would leave less holes. Not as attractive, but an option. I have actually lived in quarters that had half wall paneling already up. I could have washed that. Wish I would have thought of it then.
There you have it. "Washed" walls. Hope you enjoyed the pics and the info. Come back again when you get a chance.
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  1. Your washed walls look terrific. What a great idea. Love your dining room drapes too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Man, I have never ever thought about doing something like that - where in the world did you learn how to do that or even know to do that?


  3. Fabulous Laura...only you would be able to come out with an idea BEFORE House Beautiful!

  4. Wow! That looks so great and warm and welcoming!

  5. Wow, it looks amazing! I love it.

  6. The walls look fabulous! You took something you hated and turned it into something that others will now envy. ;)

  7. Wow what a transformation, it really lightens things up a lot

  8. I LOVE it!!!!!! What a huge difference it makes! I can't imagine what your body feels like after doing all that! I think you need to treat yourself to a massage!

  9. Your washed walls look fabulous now. So much brighter but still can see the gorgeous wood details.


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